stand out from the crowd with

One-of-a-kind content

Take your business to the next level with masterful content.

You’re ready to expand your reach and attract new customers. But how? Content, of course. Using SEO and conversion best practices, digital content works to promote your brand, engage your audience, and build authority.

Content. Everyone’s doing it.

In the next 60 seconds…

hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube

WordPress posts will be published

emails will soar through cyberspace

million Facebook posts will join the feed

That’s a lot of noise.

So, what’s so hot about content?

It works.

But only for those who use it to put their best foot forward.

Stats via Smart Insights

Hi, I’m Erika, a copywriter and content writer.

I marry creativity and strategy to help spirited startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses develop digital content that works.

Prior to taking my own side hustle full-time, I spent eight years in the marketing and advertising industry writing and developing content strategies for startups and global brands alike. 

My words have resulted in more than 2,000 opt-ins to a new product feature, reached the inboxes of 30,000+ newsletter subscribers, and appeared in publications including HubSpot, The Write Life, and Peacock Journal.

Want the full bio? Check it out thisaway.

Erika is an exceedingly hard-working, dedicated, and kind person. She served as a contributor and managing editor for my startup for more than two years, overseeing so many important responsibilities—from content planning and writing to managing a diverse team of contributors across the country. Not once have I questioned her decision-making or approach to content.

Roman Garcia

Founder & Senior Marketing Strategist , Waggle

You can accomplish a lot with good content:


Capture your audience’s attention and keep them coming back


Position yourself as an expert and authority in your industry


Strike up a conversation with your readers


Provide value and earn trust and loyalty in return


Increase website traffic through SEO and social sharing


Build a brand image your audience knows and adores

Ready to give your content a competitive edge?

Think of content as your marketing MVP (that doesn’t drink all the coffee or clock out early).

Content works overtime to connect with your customers where they are: online.

By giving your readers valuable content for free, they’ll reward you with their trust, loyalty, and money. Pay it forward, yo.

I specialize in value-packed, SEO-conscious digital content that attracts and engages your people in your voice. By outsourcing your content, you can free up more time to focus on building your empire.

My content offerings include:

  • Video scripts
  • Articles and blogs
  • Marketing and sales funnel emails
  • Social and digital advertising copy
  • Webinar decks, ebooks, and white papers
  • And more!

To get started, simply shoot me an email with a brief description of your content needs and I’ll get back to you with next steps within 48 hours (M-F). Pricing varies depending on project scope. 

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