you have 10 seconds or less to

Woo your website visitors

Get ‘em to stick around with copy that charms, compels, and sells.

Imagine your dream customer just strolled into your office.

You’ve been hoping they’d stop by for weeks—months, even. Yet they’re meeting you for the first time. They don’t know much about you or what you do. Only that your expertise might solve a problem they’re facing.

Would you stumble down the hall to greet them, unshowered and sporting yesterday’s dirty sweatpants, shouting offers like a used car salesman?

Of course not. You’re a professional.

You’d slip gracefully down the corridor with fresh coffee for two in hand. Smiling, you exchange one cup for a firm handshake and politely introduce yourself. You usher them in and show them around, starting with your most sought-after offering.

Enchanted by your charm, the dream customer leans in to examine the details of your offering. A pause…and then, magic. It is indeed the answer they’ve been searching for! A wave of relief and appreciation washes over as they dance around your office with joy. You’ve made their day.

This is how you want your customers feel when they waltz onto your website.

Long story short: Copywriting combines the art of wordsmithing and the science of selling to persuade readers to take action.  

Is finding the right words to seal the deal dragging you down?

If every pixel matters, you betcha every letter matters. A beautiful website design without compelling copy is like a fanciful book cover with no pages: Without substance, no one will stick around until the end.

Copy is the secret sauce that sells your story by building rapport and igniting desire with your website visitors. It’s what conveys your value.

But you’re a busy businessperson and writing your website feels more like a postscript than a foreword.

Maybe you’ve been DIYing your website copy without big results. Or you just can’t find the right words to express your most charismatic self on a screen. Or, heck, writing just doesn’t tickle your fancy.

You dream of freedom to focus on your business, social life, and things like ice cream and long walks with your dog. Freedom from the thesaurus and blinking cursor.

Now imagine if you could end the struggle of finding the right words for your website. Would you?

If you’re nodding “yes,” you’re in the right place. My words hustle—so you don’t have to.

Hi, I’m Erika, the woman with the words.
A corporate drop-out, I now lend my copywriting expertise to purpose-driven startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses who want to grow their audience and increase conversions online.

My purpose is to help you hone in on your core message—the heart and soul of your brand—and get it down on paper in your voice. By bringing clarity to your copy, the rest of the pieces will fall into place with ease.

  • I’m a former ad agency producer and marketer turned full-time word nerd for hire. Writing authentic content with persuasive personality is what I love to do.
  • My words have resulted in more than 2,000 opt-ins to a new product feature and reached the inboxes of 30,000+ newsletter subscribers.
  • I assembled a content strategy for a tech startup that was quickly picked up by one of the world’s leading coworking enterprises.
  • I majored in English with emphases in creative writing and communications. I now blend my composition and marketing backgrounds to deliver creative copy that generates quality leads.

Want the full bio? Check it out thisaway.

When looking to expand my business, I was fortunate to be guided to Erika to refresh my website copy. Working with her has been such a pleasure and she has made the whole process incredibly easy. As a busy clinician, it was reassuring to know that I could not only depend on Erika to get things done, but also trust her to represent me accurately. Erika has a unique ability to understand creative vision and voice. She quickly understood me and my tone and expertly translated this into a website that I feel authentically represents me—one I could not be happier with!

Marlena Tanner


With a professional copywriter in your arsenal, you’ll:


Attract customers who know and love the value you provide


Make a bigger impact with fewer words


Show your customers how much you care with content that “gets” them


Have more time to focus on day-to-day and big picture business tasks


Unlock your earning potential with words that earn their keep


Step into the future with an authentic brand voice that feels true to you

“So, what’s the investment?”

Conversion copywriting is a lot of things, but most of all, it’s an investment in your business.

Copy persuades prospects to take action, whether it’s booking a service, buying a product, or joining an email list.

Combining creative imagination and extensive research, I’ll channel your voice to create copy that speaks to your target audience.

(Or you could keep flipping through that old thesaurus, wondering where have all the good words gone…)

Packages + Pricing

All packages include up to 2 rounds of complimentary revisions and unlimited email support for project duration. Don’t see what you’re looking for? I’m happy to accommodate custom packages and timelines to suit your needs.

How it works:
My 4-week process for writing your copy.
week 1

Once your project is on the books, I’ll shoot over a Welcome Packet and Services Agreement. All you need to do is pay the invoice and complete the brand clarity worksheet. This will provide a treasure trove of insight into your business and help me hone in on your unique voice.

week 2

I’ll dig into everything you’ve shared and research your target audience, competitor landscape, and industry best practices before mapping out your website. Once I’m finished, I’ll present you with wireframes so you can visualize the messaging hierarchy of each page. 

week 3

Keyboard polished, it’s time for me to start writing. Using the approved wireframes, I’ll draft the first round of your website copy and pass it over for you to review in Google Docs. Based on your feedback, I’ll revise and finalize. The next time you hear from me, I’ll have a final draft ready. 

week 4

Pop the bubbly because you, my friend, are ready to launch your copy! I’ll send you the final documents, complete with everything you need to handoff to your web designer (if that’s you, you know what to do). Need a designer? I’m happy to make intros—just ask. 

Ready to show that blank page who’s boss?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your copywriting services for?
This is for you if you’re planning a website launch or rebrand and want to take your words to the bank. Whether you’re just starting out and want to lay a solid foundation for your website or you’ve been operating online for a while and are working to scale, you’re in the right place because I’m ready to support your next launch.
Who are your copywriting services not for?
I work primarily with purpose-driven startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who’ve been in business for at least six months. I recommend investing in copywriting once you have a solid business plan, so you don’t need to update messaging a few months down the road. I also partner with agencies and am available to collaborate with in-house creative teams.  
What do you need from me during the process?
All I ask is that you complete the brand clarity worksheet before we get started (it’ll be fun, promise!) and reserve around 30 minutes each week to review, provide feedback, and sign off on each round. I work in Google Docs, which makes it easy for us to collaborate from any place with wi-fi. 
How long does the process take?
My website copywriting packages are designed for a 4-week turnaround but can fluctuate depending on the number of revisions and communication speed. You can expect regular communication from me throughout the process—so if timelines shift, you’ll be the first to know. If you’re working against a deadline, let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate your timeline. 
How many clients do you work with at a time?
I only take on 2-3 website copywriting projects each month in order to give each client my full attention. During this time, I complete extensive research, visual wireframes, written copy, and up to two rounds of revisions before handing off your final documents.
What’s a wireframe?
Think of a wireframe like a map of your site. It visually outlines the flow of content on each page, including the desired action you want the reader to take (e.g. you want readers to click from your about page to services). Wireframes and copy do not include graphic design, but provide the foundation for web design and development.
Do your website copywriting packages include design?
No, my website copywriting packages don’t include graphic design but I’m happy to introduce you to some kickass designers. Needless to say, copy is the best place to start when creating a new website or web page 😉
When is payment due?
I ask for 50% at the beginning of each project. This secures your spot on my calendar. The remaining 50% (plus any add-ons, as discussed along the way) will be due upon project completion. All sales are final upon signed contract.
That all sounds great! When can we get started?
Awesome! I’m currently booking new copywriting projects for 2018. Head to my contact form and drop me a note about your project needs. I’ll be in touch with next steps within 48 hours (M-F). 

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