35 Basic Phrases You Can Use in Your Copy

With so much content on the internet, many people—myself included—struggle to feel seen and heard. We’re afraid of being ordinary. We’re afraid of blending in. We’re afraid of missing out. We’re afraid of falling behind. We’re afraid of losing followers. We’re afraid of being boring. This list goes on but


Why You Should Choose the Yellow Cardigan

“Hi, hello. Umm … is this thing on?” It was the first day of my freshman year of college. I felt completely exposed, standing in front of a full COMS 101 class, wishing I’d worn my beige cardigan so that I could disappear into the same-color walls. The professor had


How to Build an Intentional Creative Business

When I started my business part-time several years ago, I was in constant battle with myself—not knowing how or where to focus my time in order to build the right business. No matter how hard I tried to focus, I was at an impasse. Stuck on that carnival ride that